Quit Smoking Cruise

Scheduled with Quit Smoking Sea Camp, the Quit Smoking Cruise provides an opportunity for people to quit with others.

Quit Smoking Boot Camp

"You will Quit Smoking" because there won't be any cigarettes. Explore the mountains, get in shape and become smoke-free. 

Cessation Boot Camp

Take a break from smoking pot as you work with Michael discovering  healthier, more productive, activities to occupy your time.

Quit Smoking Sea Camp

Quit smoking in an aquatic environment. Snorkeling cleanses your pores and commemorates your transition into a smoke-free world.

Smoking Cessation

The Quit Smoking Cigarettes Organization helps people overcome addiction to nicotine and marijuana.

We host cessation programs and opportunities which provide people with their best chance at becoming smoke-free. As a Non-Profit 501(C)(3) There are no fees for our programs. Instead non-profits are dependent upon donations and sponsors to fund operations and make programs affordable for participants. Escaping your environment while quitting is highly beneficial, so our programs allow people to quit smoking in a totally-relaxed environments, away from their everyday pressures and influences. A morning cessation meeting typically takes place over breakfast and is followed-up by daily activities and private cessation mentoring. 

Our smoking cessation program was developed by a mental health counselor specializing in addiction and recovery. Michael is the organization president and has been funding operations, developing programs and mentoring people for over seven-years. He also helps people quit on-line. So if you decide to escape by yourself, or tough-it-out at home; pick a quit date and email Michael. more info on quitting smoking

Marijuana Cessation 

With relaxed marijuana legislation and some states moving towards legalization; more and more people are becoming convinced that smoking pot has no negative health consequences. While marijuana is being used for medicinal purposes, a reasonable person might conclude that inhaling a heavy tar-like substance, deep into their lungs, and then holding it in for a few seconds before exhaling; can't be good for you. An ever-increasing number of people have approached us for help in putting marijuana behind them, so we offer confidential marijuana cessation programs. Many find it helpful to escape their environment and are welcome to discreetly participate in Quit Smoking Boot Camp, the Quit Smoking Cruise or Quit Smoking Sea Camp. Cessation Boot Camp is reserved for groups of people who want to quit smoking pot together. There is no public record of participation in any of our programs.

more info on quitting marijuana

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To Provide Smoking Cessation Programs and Opportunities

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I've been diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer, but am available to work with people in Quit Smoking Sea Camp for two more weeks; from 4/21 - 5/5 2014