The current setting for Quit Smoking Boot Camp are chalets, perched high above Smoky Mountains National Park.

Food and supplies are brought in by Michael, your mentor. The chalets are lavishly furnished with full kitchens, fire places, hot tubs and decks overlooking the mountains.

"If I could only go someplace where I couldn't get a cigarette; I could quit."

Quit Smoking Boot Camp combines isolation from cigarettes with daily mentoring and our cessation program, developed by a mental health counselor specializing in addiction and recovery.

Quit Smoking Boot Camp is our most successful program. "You will quit smoking." (because there won't be any cigarettes.)


I'm sorry but I have been diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer. It began in my colon and spread to my liver, liver vessels, pancreas and hips. It's terminal so I need to begin closing chapters of my life. I'll be undergoing surgery in around three weeks to remove half my colon. It's not going to improve my chances of survivability, but is necessary to remove the obstruction. I'll likely only be available to work with people for two-three more weeks, so I'm making myself available for Quit Smoking Sea Camp between 4/21 - 5/5 2014. There isn't time to put a group together and we will be taking advantage of last minute cruise deals. This may be my last opportunity to help people quit smoking, so if you have been putting-off quitting smoking and would like my help, contact me today. Program fees will likely be around $2,500 for a 7-Day Program. Cell (407) 486-9396 | Text 4074869396 | 

Get Involved

I'm also looking for someone interested in taking the reins of the organization. I have spent the past eight years helping people improve the quality of their lives. I've never solicited donations or drawn a salary, so there isn't any money associated with it.

I had planned on establishing a For-profit arm of the organization this year in order to secure investors, which would bring down costs for participants, provide salaries and enable expansion to the Rockies and Alaska. So if you want to help people, please drop me a line. if no one steps forward I'll need to dissolve the organization in order to simplify things for those I leave behind.